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Restoration of Historic Building

DPS Construction & Designs have conducted an extensive amount of renovation and restoration projects over the last 27 years. In 2012 the DPS construction & Design office undertook the restoration of another grade II listed building in the village Faraklata in Kefalonia.

The house was built in 1899 and is a great insight into of history of the island of Kefalonia, experienced by the Kefalonians.  


The house belonged to a family by the name of 'Pollatou' from the village of Faraklata and was constructed in 1899. There is a basement that runs deep under the house via and underground corridor caved from rock. It was originally used to store grains and wheat collected from the harvest. During the Second World War, the basement tunnel was used to hide the 'Greek resistance' and British soldiers from the occupying German troops.

The Original House

A collection of photographs from over the years of the house. Most of which date around 1985. The house was significantly damaged during the 1953 earthquake but due to its strong stone well constructed exterior in was still partially habitable.

The collection of the photos of the interior have kindly been provided by the family.

Beauty in Architecture

Maintaining original architectural features was the the most important aspect of the restoration process. For any historic listed building a special permission to restore is required by the architectural office from the local government. All such historic buildings need to be sensitively restored in order to retain their original features as possible. Below are a few of the original features, special attention is payed t windows, door, fretwork and significant architectural features such as the historic basement tunnel.

The plans

Plans for the sensitise restoration were accepted after the plans were submitted. The work started on the main house in 2012. The phases of restoration were conducted in phases and financial instalments in adherence to DPS policy. DPS offer this service to enable customers to restore,renovate and build within their financial capacity. Please see the link above.

The plans

The Restoration

Photos of the restoration nearing completion.

The Completion

Photos of the restoration and finishing masonry work, landscaping and patio.


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