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matzavinata, Kefalonia

This quaint village lies just 3.5 km (4 minutes drive) from Lixouri town and has approximately 250 residence. The village has a long history (dating from the Venetian occupation) and is famous for its wine and raisin production. The name Matzavianata is said to be derived from the Italian for wine (vino) and to eat (mangiare). This is exactly what the central local taverna offers and you will often see locals sat outside doing exactly that. Matzavinata is also extensively agricultural, pastoral and arable land, with fresh local fruit and vegetables in plentiful supply, especially in the produce markets in Lixouri.

Lixouri hospital 'Mantzavinateio' was founded by a family who originated from the village. After the 1953 earthquake which destroyed the village many of the residence moved away, returning later to rebuild their village. Now the village is popular with both locals and tourists, with many tourist accommodations in and around the area.

Matzavinata Kefalonia main square
Main Square 'Lemonata' and war memorial

Matzavinata Kefalonia
Matzavina village from the main road

Matzavinata Kefalonia
The back street walled gardens of Matzavinata

Matzavinata Kefalonia
View towards Vardiani island from Matzavinata


The village is situated just 2.5 km from the famous Xi beach (5 minutes drive) other nearby beaches include:

Loggos beach 4.7 km - (7 minutes drive)

Fikia beach 4.1 km - (6 minutes drive)

Lepeda beach 4.3 km - (8 minutes drive) - facilities

Megas Lakkos beach 4.9 km - (8 minutes drive) - facilities

Koutala beach 3.1 km - (6 minutes drive)

Kounopetra beach 3.9 km - (7 minutes drive) - facilities

Vrahinari beach 4.4 km - (7 minutes drive) - facilities

Vatsa beach 4.8 km - (8 minutes drive) - facilities

Lagadakia beach 7 km - (14 minutes drive)


The village has 3 churches, St. Sofias and St. Spyridonas and church of the Virgin all were damaged by the 2014 earthquake but locals invested to restore the churches, partially through funds raised from holding their famous wine festivals and various events.

Wine Festival

Matzavinata is also most famous for its wine festival which is held around mid-August. The wine festival takes place near 'Lemonata' the main square, usually in the the school grounds. The festival lasts all week and is held in order to clear the old wine stock in order for the new harvest which occurs in August-September. The most popular celebrations are held at the weekend and in the school grounds and celebrations can go on well into the morning. Food such as tradition gyros (grilled meats), live music, traditional dancing and copious amount of free flowing wine ensure the festival is unforgettable.

Matzavinata kefalonia wine festival
Matzavinata wine festival

matzavinata Kefalonia
Matzavinata grape harvesting 1924

Maspali Hill

The hill is located in Matzavinata on the road to Xi beach, the hill are surrounding area has been used in past times as a quarry to mine rock for house construction with records predating 1900's. Some have suggested that this was the site of an ancient acropolis. It has even hosted an opera event in 2014 and recently (2019) hosted a seminar for international philharmonic orchestras. It is a nice walk up to the hill and will find plenty of wildlife in spring.

Click on the link to see the location: Maspali Hill location.

Maspali hill  Matzavinata, Kefalonia
Maspali hill - Matzavinata, Kefalonia

Location of Matzavinata village




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