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Lagadakia beach

Lagadakia beach in Kefalonia, is one of Kefalonias best kept secrets. The beach is located on the Paliki western peninsular of Kefalonia.

Lagadakia beach Kefalonia


There is a no facilities on the beach so you will have to bring your own picnic, beach towels and umbrella. If you do not have an umbrella, no worries there is a cave, but you have to find it first!

Lagadakia beach Kefalonia

The hidden beach - Lagadakias secret

Lagadakia has many small coves, rock pools and caves. There is a beautiful small beach with a large cave on it which reaches into the water and provides excellent shade from the sun. The walking route from Ladakia beach car park area is high-lighted in pink (you will need sensible shoes such as trainers), as it is up hill. The cave is pinned and is unmissable from the top of the hill, a short hillside side walk but completely worth it.

Getting to Lagadakia beach

From Lixouri Lagadakia beach is 10 km (around a 20 minute drive). From the capital of Kefalonia Argostoli, Lixouri is a pleasant 20 minutes ferry journey from Argostoli port to the port of Lixouri and offers the chance of some dolphin spotting. There is also the sea bus (passengers only), which runs during the summer months and can take as little as 12 minutes to reach Lixouri from Argostoli.

Lagadakia beach Kefalonia

Fly over Lagadakia beach!

To fly over the stunning red sands of Lagadakia beach for free click here and press play.


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