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Financing your build in Kefalonia

DPS Construction and Design department offer all customers a financially friendly approach to your new build, renovation or restoration project.

Each phase of the construction or renovation project is broken down into affordable phases. Once each phase is nearing completion we arrange a date that is convenient for you to deposit your next instalment, who ever you wish to do so. Then we use the money to purchase the material, equipment, surveys a pay the construction workers. This gives our customer flexibility to complete each phase of the build at their convenience. This could be a matter of weeks, months or years depending on wishes of our customers. A two-bedroom build can be erected in around 6 months, but some customers wish to complete the build over the space of several years depending on their financial situation & requirements.

We also keep you up-to-date on all work being undertaken by sending you photographs of the work daily or every few day, which ever you request. This way you can monitor all aspects of the exterior and interior construction even if you are not in Kefalonia. We have many customers around the would that enjoy this service along with the ability to give feedback via phone, email or our video conferencing service.

If you have any questions on financing a construction project, contact us:

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