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Costa Rossa Boutique Hotel

Designed: 2008 Construction completed: 2013

Costa Rossa Boutique Hotel - 2017

A well designed boutique hotel with a traditional yet contemporary feel. The structure offers privacy and yet synonymously a unified structure. This was achieved by designing separate units which are also interconnected. It is a beautiful union of contemporary design and traditional Kefalonian Architecture, which sits comfortably with in the natural geographic lines of its surrounding.

The staircase at the Costa Rossa is accentuated by strong architectural lines, smooth curves and textured concrete surface.

The entrance is a statement piece of carefully composed architecture, thoughtful lighting and excellent use of perspective. The entrance utilizes traditional forms & materials, its clever use of perspective provides a understated yet gradious feel.

Use of wooden pergolas perched on stone columns is reminiscent of ancient Stoa of Attalos. The columns are complemented by trailing Bougainvillea and in the foreground the contemporary glass block windows are visible.

The arched doors and delicate panel work are inspired by St. Georges castles in Kastro, Kefalonia.

Architecturally minimal in its design, this highly functional shower is both chic and practical, being aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

The architects clever utilisation of the arch to framing the nature seascape, accentuates the view of Vardiani island.

The architect's inspiration for the hotel was to provide a space consisting of individual accommodation units that still appeared as one building.

The individual accommodation units give the appearance of a village, which was the intention of the architect. Instead of levelling the ground the architect chose to design the hotel to follow the natural topographics of the land.

Costa Rossa by day.

Costa Rossa by night.

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