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Steel Frame Constructions

Cold Formed Steel frame constructions (CFS) are extremely strong, with a higher power to weight ratio than other construction frames. They are durable, noncombustible and is resistant to warping, earthquakes and easy & fast to erect.

steel frame construction Kefalonia
Steel frame Constructions using (CFS)

(CFS) ecological impact?

The steel we use is required to contain at least 25% recycled materials and all of the cold formed steel products we use are 100% recyclable. As the steel is cold formed it requires pressure not heat to form and shape each component.

Stage 1 - Land and topographic surveys are conducted and checked with the department forestry that the land is able to be built on. A building permit is then issued at a cost (many plots of land already have a building permit, so do check. Topographic and building plans are then submitted to the town hall for approval.

Example of the topographic survey and building plans designed using a computed generated design programme.

excavation & Trenching

Once plans have been approved work starts on the soil excavation and trenching in order to prepare for the laying of pipe lines such as drainage and plumbing and for the concrete foundations. Wooden boxes and timbers are used to protect the excavation and trenches while the concrete is being laid.

Steel frame houses kefalonia

Laying of foundations

The concrete is poured into the boxes. After the concrete has set, the wooden boxing and wooden supports are removed. The foundation are then ready for the timber frame to be constructed.

Steel Frame encased

The process of constructing the timber frame. After the initial timber frame is constructed the frame is then enclosed between two engineered board sheets. At this point the electrics board is installed ready for power points, TV points and internet connections.

steel frame construction Kefalonia

Exterior Insulation

On the exterior of the property, on top of the OBS engineered board sheets the external insulation is put in place.

exterior Insulation

The specific external wall insulation placed over the waterproof membrane is Durosol ®.

Why use exterior insulation?

Exterior insulation is more efficient at reflecting the suns heat, is extremely water proof and keeps the internal temperature of the house regulated. It is Extremely energy efficient and reduces energy loss from the house by up to 50 %. This results in the interior of the house remaining cooler in summer months and traps thermal energy produced by home heating systems internally in the winter months.


Steel roof frame (14 x 8 cm cold formed steel).

OBS engineered wooden sheets are fitted over the steel frame.

Insulation and preparation for laying the roof occurs simultaneously with insulation of the house wall exterior. A waterproof membrane is applied and then the roof insulation. The specific roofing insulation used for the roof is Durosol ®.

The OBS, waterproofed & insulated roof is then tiled and the roof joints are sealed.

Exterior Finish

This includes installation of windows, doors and shutters. Adding the external plaster board finish over the insulation. More plaster and a rendering coat is added to the exterior and painting window and door frames. After this point, steps and patio will be added and landscaping will occur.

interior Finish

On the interior of the property, on top of the OBS engineered board sheets, Dry-walls are erected. Holes in the dry wall are so as electric connections such as power points, TV points and internet connections can be accessed and later sockets added. Also plumbing connections are made accessible through the dry wall.

Finishing Touches

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