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Saint Mpasia's House

Project :  Restoration of the Marinos Geroulano's House, Lixouri, Kefalonia, where Saint Mpasias lived and died.

Marinos Geroulano house
The front door

Above are old photos showing one of Lixouri's most historic buildings. A grade II listed building with a great deal of religious significance. This building known as Marinos Geroulano's House and was built in 1841. Geroulano was a famous surgeon at the time and his son (cousin to the saint) invited Saint Mpasias to stay at the house after the saints house was completely destroyed by the 1867 earthquake. Saint Mpasias

In this house Saint Panagis Mpasias spent the remainder of his life, as a guest of his cousin, after the earthquake of 1867 which destroyed his home.

Even now the faithful come to visit the small room in which Saint Mpasias lived as a site of Pilgrimage. On 10th February during the celebration of St. Haralambos, this residence is visited & blessed by priests and open for all visitors to see. If you are in Lixouri come and join the procession and see the house for yourself. The house interior items such as his bed a possessions have been left in their original position, as when he lived their. They were sensitively protected during the restoration process.

Make time to visit this historic house, which is a showcase to sensitive restoration:

Restoration house Kefalonia
Architectural drawings of the restoration project.

Aspect views of the restoration project

Images of the building before structural restoration


Two plaques on the front of Marino's house documenting it's occupation.

After Restoration

Saint Mpasias born 1801 - June 7, 1888.

Location of the house that Saint Mpasias lived and died in Lixouri.


REFERENCE (Read More on Saint Mpasias)

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