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Kouvalata village one of the oldest documented villages in Paliki. The village settlement was refered to in the Latin Diocese of Kefalonia in 1264. Kouvalata is home to approximately 100 residents and is located around 7km from Lixouri town.

Kouvalata village

Views from Kouvalata village

Historical buildings

The historic ruins of the monastery named “Lady of the Angels”, which bore great significance during the 19th century in Kefalonia. Nearby is the ruins of a late 17th century manor house.


The village was completely destroyed by the 1867 Earthquake and also the 1954 but was only slightly damaged by the 2014 earthquake. This because all houses are now built to withstand a point 9 on the Richter scale.


Kouvalata overlooks the bay of Argostoli, the islands central mountain ranges and the long sandy Variko beach.

Variko Beach Kefalonia
Variko Beach, Kefalonia

Kefalonian Fisheries

Kouvalata is famously home to Kefalonia fisheries which export their fish all over the world and prides themselves on being an organic and sustainable fish farm. So if you enjoy fresh sea bass and sea bream, they are in plentiful supply at your local taverna.

For more information on the fisheries see:

Fly Over Variko beach

Fly over Variko beach and the village you see perched on the hill top is Kouvalata village.

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Merrill Dellas
Merrill Dellas
09 Δεκ 2023

I'm trying to find birth certificate and/or marriage certificate on my family name either Dellaportas or Dalaportous or Dalaporta. My papou was Gerasimos and his father Spiradon. They lived in Kouvalata. I hope someone can help me! Thank you so very much! Please email me at

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