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Kounopetra is an area in western Kefalonia (Paliki) which has become increasing popular with tourist whist still maintaining a rural atmosphere. There area has several sandy beaches and also some volcanic rock coastline with rock pools, where locals gather sea salt and fish. There is also a marina and some beautiful walking routes, river and the 'rocking rock' and a water park and boat rental for the more adventurous.


Kounopetra is best know for Kounopetra beach but also has many other small beaches in the area. All of the beaches below are soft sandy beaches. The area also has some clay and dramatic volcanic rock coastlines.

-----------------------------------Kounopetra Beach-------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------Mania Beach-------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------Vrachinari beach -------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------Vatsa Beach-------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------Koutala Beach-------------------------------------------------

Note: It is also worth exploring the rocky coastline and around the marina.

Food & Drink

Where to eat and drink near Kounopetra.

Captain Nikolas - Traditional Greek family run taverna serving traditional foods and drinks.

Ionian Sea Aqua Park - The 'captain hook' bar serves snacks and drinks.

Meltemi - Tradition Greek taverna.

Remetzo Sunset (Restaurant/Cafe Bar) - serves traditional Greek food & a variety of drinks.

Spiaggia Vatsa - A Greek taverna and bar on the beach serving traditional Greek & sea food.

The volcanic coast - walks

The volcanic rocky coastline in Kounopetra is worth exploring. Its many rock pools are host to a variety of marine life such as star fish, limits,crabs, sea urchins, the vibrant bearded fireworm (do not touch the fireworms) and the odd octopus. Note: do not touch the Fireworms as they are venomous. The sea urchins contain sharp spikes which can penetrate the skin, so best to handle with diving gloves. The reddish coloured urchins are the females and the Kefalonians break open the shells and eat the eggs with lemon juice as a delicacy.

Natural Sea Salt

Natural sea salt is collected in the rock pool in Kounopetra around August-September time. The hot sun evaporates the sea and the salt is collected from the rock pools. The slat is then further dried at home before being ready to be stored and used for the winter.

The 'Rocking Rock'

The 'Rocking Rock' is a coastal area of Kounopetra where there occurred a geological phenomenon. The Rocking Rock, even though it does not move since the earthquake of 1953, which stabilised the bed rock of Kounopetra. Today, the rock stand as a geological and historic landmark. Slightly out to sea at the same location, is another rock where the same rocking motion occurs. It is believed that this is due to being located exactly above the fault-line that runs under Kefalonia.

Location of the the Rocking Rock

Vasta River

The Vatsa river and resort is a popular and relaxed setting, with a good walking route past the tow bridge across the river. you will also find a sandy beach, small marina, boat hire and restaurant on the beach. The chapel of Saint Nicolaos is located on the site where the ancient temple of Poseidon once was. The mosaics below were excavated at the site and later transferred to the Museum of Archaeology in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

The Water Park Kefalonia

There is only one water park on the island of Kefalonia and that is the Kounopetra Aqua park Kefalonia. For more information on the water park, opening times and entrance fees, please click here.

Fly Over Kounopetra

Fly over Kounopetra's coastline by drone. You will view from Vatsa bay, river outlet (where the chapel of St Nicolaos is located) and past the rocking rock & Koutala Beach.


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