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Kefalonia, Our Home in Paradise

Kefalonia, home to Captain Corelli's Mandolin, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and steeped in mythology, history and tradition. With its magnificent mountains, unique flora & fauna, not to mention the delicious local cuisine and Kefalonian wine. We truly believe there is no better place to live than this paradise, Kefalonia.

Take a tour of some of Kefalonia's best beaches.

Kefalonia - Beaches

From sea with the most amazing array of shades of indigo, blue, azure & cyan. To the variety of fine golden or red sands, shingle, pebble or rock beaches. With a seemly infinite number of beaches each with its own very distinct character, there is always something new to discover. If fact the continuously shifting tectonic plates have resulted in new beaches appearing and others relinquishing back into the Ionian sea. Read More

Kefalonia - History

Long associated with Homer's Odysseus, Kefalonia has several claims to its mythological past. Fossils are clearly evident in rocks throughout the island. Such fossils are even to be found on the peak of mount Aenos, shedding light on period in Kefalonia's history, far regressing the cretaceous period. Anthropological occupation of Kefalonia is evident through artifacts excavated relating to the Palaeolithic & neolithic eras. The island also has some of the best examples of Mycenaean artifacts in Greece. Roman, Ottoman, venetian, French, British and ultimately German occupation has resulted in a rich and diverse archaeology & heterogeneous history. Read More

Kefalonia - Landscape

The most stunning and predominant landscape on the island is its mountainscape dominated by mount Aenos an imposing contrast that appears to rise out of the sea. Aenos is high and continues to gain in height as a result of seismic activity. Mount Aenos National Park comprises of Mount Aenos and the surrounding forest, which was referred to as monte Nero by the Venetians due to the abundance of the Pinus nigras. The Abies Cephalonica along with a multitude of additionally protected species of flora & fauna can also be located in Aenos National Park. Read More

Kefalonia - Flora & Fauna

With a plethora of rare species, kefalonia has a truly unique ecosystem governed by mount Aenos and the resulting microclimate. The list of species of flora & fauna is extensive. Most famous for the Caretta caretta (Loggerhead turtle), Monk seals, dolphins, snakes, wild horse, golden tooth goats and a variety of rare insects. Kefalonia also has many rare species of flora, including trees and over 50 species of orchid. In recent years the island has become a haven for bird spotting & visitors engaging in hiking Kefalonia's many walking trails. Read More

Kefalonia - Food & Wine

Kefalonian wine has greatly improved in quality over the last few decades. Locally produced wine has been exported throughout Europe and there are plenty of well established wineries open to the public. Kefalonian food is rich in flavour and can vary from village to village. The dishes are both traditional and express a slight culinary influence from the various occupying nations. Read More

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