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Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios in located in the Paliki region of Kefalonia, 3 km from the second largest town on the island Lixouri. This seaside village offers stunning views of the Gerania mountain range and the bay of Agostoli. The sandy low lying beaches in Agios Dimitrios are home to sailing clubs, small fishing boats & tourists from near by hotels & villas. The village of Saint Dimitrios, is residence to approximately 100 people.

Agios Dimitrios Kefalonia
Small unnamed beach in Agios Dimitrios village


The Village used to be called Kovalata (which is now the name of the village slightly to the north-west of Ag. Dimitrios. The village was renamed by the local residence after the 1953 earthquake. and a church errected in recognition of Saint Dimitrios.

Andreas Laskaratos’ Hill named after the famous satirical poet and writer, born in Lixouri in 1811. He was excommunicated by the local Orthodox church because of the satiral nature of his writing which targeted dominant church members.

Monastery of the Virgin of Kehrionos (the virgin Mary) lies just outside of the village 400m to the south. It was the first church of the lost village of Vlachovouni & was built at the beginning of the 17th century. During the earthquake which destroyed the village, much of the church was destroyed. Although the holy throne and icon of the Virgin Mary remained untouched. Locals from the village celebrate this event during Assumption on 23rd August. 'Ιερά Μονή Παναγιας Κεχριώνος'

Agios Dimitrios Kefalonia
Views from the coastline by Agios Dimitrios village

Amenities & Attractions

Pharos Restaurant - Authentic Kefalonian cuisine & fresh seafood dishes.

Aggelos Pizaria - Taverna that serves fresh traditional oven baked Pizzas.

Lixouri Bay Beach Club - Sailing club offers sailing in the summer months.

Variko Beach - Authentic Kefalonian cuisine & fresh seafood dishes.

Coves - Several quiet unnamed local beaches along the coastline.

Hotels & Villas - There are many in the village

Kefalos Horse riding club - Tel: +30 697 292 1088

Sklavos Winery - Producing excellent local wine for supermarkets.

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